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July 2018 Christ Line newsletter

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July 1 Church News Notes

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Living in God's amazing grace we envision our lives
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July - ELCA Refugee Resettlement Program

We are a church that does Godís work in the world and in local communities pursuing justice, peace and human dignity for and with all people. In partnership with Lutheran congregations and Lutheran social ministry organizations, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has welcomed more than 379,000 refugees to the United States since 1939. This ongoing partnership and work is driven by Godís love for all people and a vision for congregations to be welcoming and generous centers for mission and ministry. The work of the ELCA through Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service includes responding to people caught in conflict and facing persecution, advocating for their needs and interests, helping people access resources for basic human needs, working with foster care programs for minors, legal assistance, developing new and innovative service programs and partnerships, and much more. For almost 80 years, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has been a champion for refugees and migrants from around the globe. Our legacy of compassionate service has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who have found safety and hope in Americaís communities. Join us in this courageous work of serving and loving our neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ. Your gift today will allow us to continue this life-saving work. Learn more about us and what we do at:

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