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June - Lutheran World Relief for Nepal

Earthquake Relief for Nepal. I cannot verify where I found this info, but I read somewhere that the ELCA had given 7,000 quilts to the relief effort. Our quilters can be proud. Here is more information as found in the June issue of The Lutheran magazine.

Lutherans Respond to Earthquake in Nepal
At press time, (mid-May) more than $300,000 had been donated to the ELCA to aid victims of the April 25 earthquake in Nepal.
Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton called for prayers "for people affected by the earthquake and its aftershocks." Lutheran Disaster Relief is committed to long-term response, said Daniel Rift, program director ELAC World Hunger and Disaster Appeal. "The ELCA will accompany our brothers and sisters in the Nepal area as they navigate every part of this disaster relief and recovery process," he said.
The Lutheran World Federation started a large-scale emergency response based in Kathmandu.
The ELCA is also working with ACT Alliance to coordinate response efforts, which includes distributing life-saving supplies such as water, food, shelter and medication for people injured, along with the LWF and other local organizations. Your generous gift to our cause of the month for June will directly fund these efforts.


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