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July - Our Companion Church in Peru
Our La Crosse Area Synod is companion to ILP (Iglesia Luterana del Peru) or The Lutheran Church of Peru. Lutherans are a rel-atively small but important presence in the country. (FYI The country of Peru is just south of the equator on the western coast of South America.) Pastor/President of ILP Pedro Bullon attended our recent Synod Assembly and a delegation from here will visit Peru in November. This month we can learn more about that relationship and help to support an important ministry to children called Sembrando. Sembrando provides a safe place, a meal, a tutor and religious education for children while their parents are at work. Working parents can know that their children are safe and well cared for.
This program of the church serves members and non-members alike and with your generous gift you become part of this ministry.

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