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September 25 Church News Notes

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Living in God's amazing grace we envision our lives
worshipping, growing, sharing and serving Christ.


September -  Lutheran Campus Ministry
Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Campus Ministry is an important partnership for us at Christ Lutheran, made possible through the work we do together in the ELCA. We have an ELCA presence at 180 public and private colleges around the country.

The Lutheran Campus Ministry at UW-La Crosse cooperates with Crossroads United Campus Ministry sponsored by the United Methodist, United Church of Christ, American Baptist, Episcopal, and Presbyterian Churches. Together they share Common Ground, a wonderful new facility that houses a coffee house, room for meetings and activities and a place for worship.

Common Ground celebrates worship every Sunday at 7:07 PM. They also organize international mission trips, fellowship groups for students and give away free cookies on Wednesdays.

The leader of Lutheran Campus Ministry is Pastor Ben Morris. Pastor Ben is passionate about serving alongside people of all backgrounds, and showing that the Gospel is more inclusive, reckless and wonderfully irresponsible than we could ever imagine. When he is not out and about doing pastor stuff he can be found with his family, in the outdoors sharing in the adventure. He is also a proud WFR (Wilderness First Responder) though hopes to never have to use the skills.

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