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Living in God's amazing grace we envision our lives
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December - Wartburg Seminary

When I was 21 I visited Wartburg Theological Seminary during a Spring Break seminary tour I did with a good friend of mine. Both he and I were sure that we were being called to seminary and wanted to see some of our options before we began applying. We visited three seminaries on that trip but the one that seemed like the best fit for me was Wartburg. I remember being blown away by the faculty's dedication to the Gospel. The admissions people were joyful and friendly. Worshiping with the community was a pleasure. And they did something strange. After chapel each day they would gather as a community for a time for coffee and fellowship. Not to mention the place is built to look like a medieval Germanic castle.

I loved the school and using the best wisdom I had available to me as a 21 year old I decided that it would be the perfect school for me ... if I were 30 and married. I was going to go to Chicago! Lo and behold, nine years later, after finishing college, a failed experience in Chicago, and a short career in professional outdoor ministry, a job that led me to my wonderful wife, we were moving to Dubuque, IA so I could begin my studies at Wartburg.

We have loved the time we have spent at this school. We have also loved being a part of the Wartburg community. It has been everything I experienced during my visit and more. Wartburg prides itself on training great pastors for the church. They do this by providing excellent education in and amongst a strong and loving, Christ filled community. Marti and I have felt supported, encouraged, and blessed by the employees, faculty, and administration of the school academically, spiritually, and personally. We have great friends and mentors who serve God by serving others and the church at Wartburg. It brings us both great joy that this congregation would support the ministry of Wartburg Theological Seminary by making it the Cause of the Month.


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